Private Hot & Spicy Philly

All the Sizzling Details

Calling all pyro-gourmaniacs! (Spicy-hot food lovers, that’s you!) Add some spice

to your life on this cutting-edge adventure into the foods that get your blood

pumping and tongue tingling! This tour is for everyone who loves the

sensations and flavors delivered by spice and heat. It is not to test how

much you can eat without going to the hospital. Not into heat, but along

for the ride with a spice lover? Don’t worry. There will be mild alternatives

at each stop.


This delicious, 2.5-hour tour takes you to 4 of the best restaurants in University

City—one is a completely hidden gem. Some stops were selected for their

authentic ethnic flavors and others for their creative, contemporary takes on

classic eats. Every morsel has been specifically chosen for its robust spicy heat

and sweat factor. Come hungry! This tour serves up enough food for a meal, and

includes the following dishes:

  • We’ll start with a fragrant Ethiopian dish that’s not only going to get your juices flowing but will tantalize your senses. While you eat, your guide will fill you in on the vibrant food culture of Ethiopia. Know Ethiopian food? We'll teach you a couple fun customs. Never had Ethiopian before? You're in good hands. By the time we finish, you'll be a pro at eating and realize silverware is overrated!

  • Next, an incredible Indian dish that’s not only going to get your juices flowing but will tantalize your senses with South Asian cardamom and turmeric. Fresh, homemade poori bread accompanies the dish.

  • Then we head literally next door to a fantastic Thai restaurant for green curry. For us, they make it hotter than what they serve to  their everyday customers. 

  • No hot and spicy food tour would be complete without a stop at Han Dynasty to dive into their famous Dan Dan noodles maxed out at the restaurant’s Spice Level 10! We’ll talk about the history of this signature dish while we slurp up the sesame noodles loaded with chili oil.


At each stop we’ll explore the difference between spice and heat, the science behind your favorite spicy foods, the sensations they produce, their health benefits, and even some tips for quenching the fire.

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