3 Course

Dine Arounds

Our 3-course Dine Around is a tasting adventure through Philadelphia’s food scene for a full meal that includes drinks and appetizers, entrée, and desserts. Each course is enjoyed in a completely different restaurant. Whether you want to keep it casual or splurge on something extra special, we’ll do all the planning to suit your schedule and preferences. All you have to do is show up, savor the flavors, and soak in the ambiance of each location. 

Pricing is typically $100-$150 per person with a minimum guest count of 10 people.


Here’s a taste of what we can put together (just one of many options):

Old City Dine Around 

Begin your dining adventure at a fun, upscale Cuban Restaurant known for its tasty fare and festive decor. Here, everyone will enjoy a delicious and authentic Mojito made with freshly pressed sugar cane! Along with your drinks you’ll savor 3 traditional Cuban appetizers (shared family style) sure to satisfy your taste buds. Your fun and entertaining guide will fill you in on some fun facts about Cuban cuisine and culture. With a great vibe and ambiance, it's the perfect place to begin your evening.


Next, we'll lead you just 2 blocks away to a sophisticated, yet comfortable, Italian restaurant known for its old world charm and incredibly comprehensive wine list. Here, guests will enjoy their choice of a hearty Italian entrée. We'll also let you in on some of the secrets of Italian cuisine and traditional cooking. 


Your event ends with a sweet finale at one of the city’s best restaurants with a farm-to-table focus. Everyone will indulge in desserts made with farm-fresh products from right outside the city. All desserts are served with a choice of tea or coffee. 

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