Ethnic Eats

Quick Facts

  • Offered Sundays from 1:30pm –4:30pm

  • $44 per person (gratuity not included)

  • Includes delicious eats at Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian restaurants

  • A rare opportunity to enter a Buddhist temple!

  • Includes enough food for lunch. Everything served is very approachable.

  • Led by experienced food & culture experts

  • This tour finishes 2.5 blocks (3-minute walk) from the starting location.

How does this experience compare to other tours of South Philly?

  • Other tours of South Philly focus on the Italian Market. Our tour is the only one featuring the new immigrant groups spicing up the neighborhood.

  • This is a great value! It’s a fun and unique activity in Philly and a satisfying lunch rolled into one.

  • This culinary adventure is geared for everyone living in and around Philly. We don’t make you feel like a tourist in the city you know. If you’re familiar with the Italian Market, then this is for you! This adventure focuses on the foods and traditions of the new immigrant groups in South Philly, including the Vietnamese. We're NOT filming an extreme eating show! Everything you'll be eating is approachable, yet downright flavorful.

  • We are honored to be the only tour company in Philadelphia granted access to this Buddhist temple.

  • We don’t dominate your entire day with tons of walking -- 3 hours, a compact route, and relaxing breaks at 3 great restaurants, and one massive Asian supermarket you’re sure to visit again.

  • Our guides are well-versed in many Asian cultures and cuisines.

  • Guides are down-to-earth and fun loving -- no fake bubbly act or memorized scripts.

All The Yummy Details

Mention the words “South Philly” and almost everyone immediately pictures the Italian Market. Yet, nestled in and around the market is a treasure trove of outstanding Asian culinary delights! Treat your taste buds to an exotic journey that will open your eyes to these rich flavors and vibrant cultures. Yes, the food is fantastic, but the highlight for many guests is the visit to the Buddhist temple. This tour is as great for first-time visitors to the neighborhood as it is for those who think they know the Italian Market inside-out!

This 3-hour adventure is serving up enough delicious (not scary) food for lunch, fascinating insight into Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Indian food traditions, and a generous side of humor. Tour guides are well-versed in many international food traditions.    


During your enlightening and delicious adventure, you'll visit:

  • A Thai restaurant to enjoy a hearty sampling of two delicious Thai appetizers in the lavishly decorated dining room.

  • A Buddhist temple to see its elaborate and ornate interior. There, we'll share some fascinating facts about the symbolism and meaning of ceremonial items. This is a rare opportunity you won't want to miss.

  • A Vietnamese restaurant to peruse Vietnamese favorites and to enjoy scrumptious and exquisitely made roasted pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese hoagie). 

  • One of the area's best Indian restaurants to enjoy 2 fantastic appetizers unlike anything you've tasted.

  • One of the largest Asian supermarkets in Philly, to explore a wide variety of cooking ingredients from all over Asia.


Advanced reservations are required. This tour is not designed for children under the age of 5.


*Content and schedule subject to change. 

**In rare circumstances tours may be cancelled due to low attendance.

This tour is currently not being offered. Feel free to check out our other amazing tours!

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