Hands-On Cooking

You and your team cook directly alongside our entertaining chefs in a

fully-equipped professional kitchen to whip up delicious eats. Best of all

you’ll enjoy a satisfying meal made up of the bounty you create!



  • These events are great for team building. We can add in a

       mouth-watering competition with fun prizes!

  • Enjoy a glass of wine or ice cold beer while you cook and dine.

  • Pick up a ton of great cooking tips that will have you cooking at home like a pro.

  • WOW family and friends! Take home detailed recipes to use at home.

  • Typically run $75-$125 per person with a minimum guest count of 10 people.


Just a taste of what we’ve got cookin’:

  • Pizza Party: Gourmet pizzas are all the rage today. Why not learn to make your own?

  • Southern Cooking: Fire up some rib-stickin’ dishes that will make your mamma proud!

  • Mexican Fiesta: Salsas, guacamole, fajitas, and more. Olé!

  • Happy Sushi Fun Time: Learn to make a ton of different rolls with a wide variety of ingredients, including premium ahi tuna.

  • Japanese Homestyle Cooking: Learn the art of healthy, yet flavorful cooking, including mouth-watering grilled teriyaki chicken, miso soup, as well as some elements of "Obanzai ryori" traditional cooking of Kyoto.

  • Feel free to mix and match anything above! Got something in mind that’s not on the list? Chances are we can make it happen for you.


After the teams are set, the only goal is to make the best darn chili and cornbread combo on the planet. Each team will have a station set up with your very own cook tops and wide variety of ingredients. The only thing you have to provide is a bit of creativity. Your entertaining host AND trained chef, Robert Weinberg, will be on hand to lend useful tips and answer any questions groups may have as they cook.

Upon their completion, teams present their creations to a judge of your choice. Once the winners are decided and the prizes awarded, y'all will get to enjoy a tasty and filling meal that everyone had a hand in creating.

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