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Matt S

Co-Owner & Manager of Public Tours

Originally from North Jersey, Matt has now been living right in Center City Philly since 2009. He came to Philly to attend Temple U, and one of his proudest accomplishments came during his sophomore year when he successfully ate at every food truck on campus (60+ in total) over the course of the year.

When Matt isn't sharing his love of food with his tour guests, he is busy working in Recruitment and Admissions for the Music School at Temple University. No stranger to music, Matt still plays his marimba...you get a gold star if you don't have to Google it. He makes a point of working out -- mostly yoga and pilates -- primarily to make room for more food. 

One of Matt's favorite things about giving tours is seeing the looks on peoples' faces as they walk around the Reading Terminal Market for the first time. 

Guilty Pleasure: Pretzels dipped in Nutella

Kathy B

Historic Old City Tour Guide and Highlights of East Passyunk Tour Guide

Kathy is a lifelong Philadelphian with deep roots in the city, starting with her dad who was born into South Philly’s Italian-American community just a couple of blocks from the East Passyunk restaurant row. A former journalist, Kathy loves telling a good story and meeting new people. Her curiosity about the world turned her into an intrepid world traveler who has sampled (and occasionally written about) global cuisine from the Serengeti to the jerk-chicken steel drums of Jamaica to the markets of Vietnam. The rich aromas and history of her native city keep calling her back home.

Guilty Pleasure: fried chicken

Kelly K

Flavors of Philly Tour Guide

Kelly was born, raised, and fed right here in Philadelphia. Her father worked for a local Philly treat --Tastykake -- for 32 years and her mother was the most requested lunch mother. This led to Kelly's connection of food, joy, and togetherness. Kelly enjoys time with family and friends exploring new restaurants and local hot spots. In her free time she plays softball and flag football. At her home, Kelly has 200+ prized reminders of Philadelphia history -- cobblestones rescued from the very streets that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson have walked. Kelly loves doing tours because she gets to meet new people and show off little local treasures in the city that she loves. 

Guilty Pleasure: Cream-filled donuts from Holmesburg Bakery

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Flavors of Philly Tour Guide

Adam moved to Philadelphia in 2003 to attend Temple University. During the week, Adam works as a school counselor for kindergarteners through 8th grade students. Adam's favorite thing in the world is talking with people of all ages, and he sees it as a great privilege to be able to split his time being around kids (during the weekdays) and adults (on the weekends). When he isn't working, Adam can be found at random coffee houses all over the city drinking black coffee and drawing whatever pops into his head. His biggest fears include possums, heights, and overdressing.

Guilty Pleasure: Wawa Apple Fritters


Flavors of Philly Tour Guide

Seth grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia back when South Street was the only place for a kid to hang out. As a professional actor/director/writer living in South Philly, he is an avid cook, baker, and home brewer. Seth is on a never-ending quest to get his kids to eat new and different foods (they actually tasted the pickled onions!). He also tries his best to explore all the amazing restaurants of Philadelphia with his wife Meredith…when they can get a babysitter.

Guilty Pleasure:  sausage pizza from Tacconelli's  (although he never feels guilty about it)

Owen C

Flavors of Philly Tour Guide

​Owen is a professional actor, educator, and tour guide in Philadelphia. As a native to Delaware County (right outside of Philly), he went to college in CT, taught middle school science in CA, and finally returned to the area he belongs in to begin a career as an actor. He loves the food and culture of Philadelphia, having grown up going to the city's museums, theatres, concert venues, historical sites, and restaurants. His first Philly “Tour Guide" was his father, who grew up in southwest Philadelphia and imparted the fun, hilarity, and history of the city to him through countless stories, a number of which you'll hear on his tour.

Guilty pleasure: Glick's pulled pork rib sandwich in the Reading Terminal Market...or a late-night trip to a diner for baklava and coffee. 

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