Historic Old City

Quick Facts

  • Offered: Monday-Thursday from 5:30-8pm

  • $74/adult  (gratuity not included)

  • Enough food and drink for a whole meal, plus the entertainment of a historic tour

  • Stops at 4 signature eateries that serve dishes and drinks based on historic cuisine

  • Includes great sightseeing, history, and highlights of Philly architecture

  • Great for visitors, locals, history-buffs, and anyone who enjoys happy hour

  • This tour starts near Independence Hall and finishes 4 blocks from the starting location

How does this tour compare to others?

  • This tour combines two of Philly’s best contributions to the country: its history and its food!

  • This is enough food for a meal. Come hungry, leave tipsy, and be in-the-know about Philadelphia’s rich history.

  • We’ll serve you food, drinks, sweets, Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, and much more!

  • While the foods during the 17th and 18th centuries may have been bland, we’re serving modernized versions of these foods and drinks that would have the colonials jealous.

  • Learn about Philadelphia’s history in the tastiest way possible.

All The Yummy Details

Looking for a unique way to learn Philadelphia’s history? Eat and drink your way through it! This happy hour tour takes place in the most historically-significant section of Philadelphia: Old City. Be sure to arrive with an empty belly - the traditional tastes, beverages, and history served will leave you stuffed! Between bites, you'll walk the cobblestone alleyways of the colonials, learn about Philadelphia’s founding and growth, and see what makes our city one of the greatest (and most delicious) in America.

Meeting at a restaurant right across the street from Independence Hall, we’ll start you off strong with hearty and fresh veggie dishes and a delicious and light cider. This tour will take you to countless must-see locations for Philly visitors and native alike, while hearing stories and lots of fun information from our knowledgeable tour guides. After strolling through some of Philadelphia’s most historic landmarks, we’ll take you to one of the city’s oldest restaurants for a modernized colonial dish and a smooth (and strong) cocktail. The next stop offers a Pennsylvania beer and filling colonial fare to soak it up. Finally, we’ll take you to the United State’s oldest confectionery for their sweet tastes to finish the tour.


This tour is not designed for anyone under the age of 12. Persons under the age of 21 will be served non-alcoholic drinks for a reduced ticket price. Substitutions cannot be made for a gluten-free diet. Content and schedule subject to change without notice. In rare circumstances, tours may be cancelled due to low attendance.

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