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Happy Hour tour Philadelphia

Historic Old City Dine Around


Tickets starting at $75
add optional beverage package

Get 3 tickets, and your 4th is 50% off!! Perfect for double dates!

Learn about Philadelphia's history on the tour that combines two of Philly's best contributions to the country: 

its history and its food!

Eat and drink your way through the most tasteful history lesson you can find.  

All the yummy details

Groups of 4+ get an automatic discount!
Grab 3 friends and come eat + drink our city's delicious history!

Feast your eyes on Philadelphia's most iconic foods during our Historic Old City food tour. Take your taste buds back in time with a modernized twist on classic revolutionary fare during our 4-course Dine Around.
Starting with some hearty bites, we'll take you to restaurant after restaurant while satiating your munchies with fancy snacks and loads of toppings. Want more? We'll stop at a legendary Creole joint before rounding out the tour with a sweet take-home collection from the country's oldest confectionery. Does this make you thirsty? Add on the beverage package to enjoy alcohol, mocktails, and soft drink options at three stops (alcoholic options only available for ages 21+).

This tour will take you to a handful of must-see locations for visitors and natives alike, while hearing stories and learning interesting facts from our knowledgeable guides. Be prepared to arrive hungry and be in-the-know about Philadelphia’s rich history. You'll be served food, drinks, sweets, Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, and m
uch more!

Restricted to ages 12 and up.

Give the Gift of Philly

Food tours make the perfect gift for anyone no matter the occasion. Purchase a gift card today and give the gift of food to any prospective Philly phoodie!

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