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Off-Campus Flavors: Activities and Eating During College Visits

January 2024

Navigating the College Visit Experience

Visiting college is a pivotal time for students and families. More than scoping out a campus and reconnecting, college visits entail making the most of a trip...most importantly - what to eat together! Navigating the unfamiliar streets of Philadelphia while seeking activities and dining options can be a perplexing challenge. City Food Tours rises to the occasion, offering a reliable and authentic experience at an affordable price.


Reliable Experiences Since 2007

City Food Tours, established in the heart of Philadelphia in 2007, showcases

the city's rich and diverse food culture for visitors of all ages. Ranking in the

top 1% worldwide on TripAdvisor in 2021 and serving as the official tour

operator for the Reading Terminal Market, City Food Tours stands out as the

go-to choice for those eager to delve into the culinary delights of the city.

At City Food Tours, we take pride in being Philadelphia's culinary haven,

dedicated to providing the best dining experiences that capture the essence

of the city. Our flagship Flavors of Philly food tour stands out as a favorite;

available almost every day of the year, this tour give you the famous foods

that Philly is most famously known for.  

Our strong reputation and reliability are the cornerstones of our success.

We understand the importance of trust when exploring a city's culinary

landscape. That's why we offer more than just tours - we deliver experiences

crafted with passion and expertise.

A Culinary Adventure for All

Our expertly guided tours lead you through safe and diverse courses ensuring that you make the most of your time in Philadelphia. From iconic cheesesteaks to hidden gems known only to locals, we offer a range of tastings that reflect the city's unique flavors.

Picture yourself with your family strolling through the lively streets of Philadelphia sampling mouthwatering bites while learning intriguing tidbits about the city's culture and history. Our consistent 5-star rating makes our food tours the ideal off-campus activity during your college visit.

Enhance Your College Visit with a Flavorful Experience

Time during campus visits is precious for prospective and current students and their families. We understand the need to make the most of these short visits, and that's where our food tours step in as your trusted culinary concierge to Philly's food culture. Our tours are the bridge for college visits, offering a flavorful exploration that goes beyond the campus. Imagine bonding with your family over a shared love for delicious food while simultaneously discovering the city's magnificent culture. 

As the go-to choice for families looking to enhance their college visit experience, we ensure that your time visiting Philadelphia college campuses can be filled with unique flavors and delightful memories. 

A Taste of Independence: College Students' Choice

For current college students seeking a taste of independence beyond campus life, our food tours are the ultimate choice for off-campus entertainment. When friends and family come to visit, why not show them a side of Philadelphia that goes beyond the dining hall? Our tours are designed to be both social and delicious, making them the perfect activity for entertaining friends and family. 

Unveil the Unique and Delightful Flavors

Philadelphia's flavors come alive with City Food Tours. From the historic cobblestone streets to up-and-coming foodie joints, our tours bring you the authentic tastes of the city through expertly guided tastings, providing a deeper understanding of its history and traditions. Whether you're a prospective student, the parent of a college-bound child, or a current student seeking off-campus fun, City Food Tours caters to your culinary cravings and needs.

Ready to embark on a journey that enriches your understanding of Philadelphia's culinary landscape? Book your tour today!

Come hungry, leave delighted, and make your college visit an experience to savor.

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